The Marvellous Machine [PC/VR]

marvel boxGame: The Marvellous Machine
Available Platforms: Oculus, Vive
Price: $4.99 (USD)
Reviewed on: Oculus
Genre: Story, VR
Players: 1
Developer: 1337 Game Design
Release date: Feb 11, 2019


Hello and welcome to Jay’s Game Reviews! Today I am reviewing 1337 Game Design‘s Virtual Story The Mavellous Machine.

mavel 1

Today’s review will be a short one as the review is less for a game than for a journey. The Marvellous Machine is a Virtual Reality experience that takes the “player” on a relaxing journey inside of a machine. While not a game in the traditional sense, Marvellous does give the player an enjoyable fifteen minuet experience that is refreshing and relaxing. I enjoyed my time within the Machine, and the world itself. The narrator’s voice was soothing and helped to relax while still keeping me engaged in the world around me.

marvel 2

I really enjoyed the scenery, and was reminded of certain smells as the cart that I road on progressed onward. I found it strange that I should be reminded of the smell of motor oil, rust and musty stone. My mind filled in this sensory information which really allowed me to drink in the full experience. Several times I got a cold chill as if I were actually in a damp underground tunnel or subway system. In invoking these different memories, Marvellous did very well!


marvel 3

The Marvellous Machine is, with everything already mentioned here, a very beautiful piece of artwork. Everything is rendered wonderfully and the lighting and shadows within the world really set the relaxing scene properly. Something that I noticed that was so incredibly subtle that I could easily have missed it had I not have looked to my left when I did was steam escaping from a pipe. That level of attention to detail is something that is truly missing from most triple A titles today and shows the care and love that the developer put into this project.

Does this weeks experience sound interesting to you? You can pick up The Marvellous Machine for yourself on Steam or at the Oculus website and loose yourself in this awesome world too!

I Rate this adventure 100 out of 100

Check out my first impressions video below:

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