1406 [PC]

1406 squareGame: 1406
Available Platforms: PC
Price: $5.99 (USD)
Reviewed on: PC
Genre: Indie Horror
Players: 1
Developer: indie_games_studio
Release date: March 21, 2019



Hello and welcome to Jay’s Game Reviews! Today I am reviewing the indie horror game 1406.

1406 31406 is an indie horror game that lasts about fifteen minutes. In my video I ended the game with my death, but I watched Gray/PC Gamer Girl‘s playthrough and she beat it. I didn’t miss much, so click the link above to check out her video too. As always, you can find my video at the end of this article. I could not find the game dev for this, Steam just lists indie_games_studio, so I was unable to give them credit. That being said, you can click on the game name above if you’d like to pick it up or get further info on it.


  • 1406 1Looks good. For an indie game 1406 looks pretty good. Not great, but not terrible either.
  • Atmosphere. The overall feel of the game and the mood that is set keeps the player feeling helpless. This is somewhat enhanced by the fact that there is no run key, though you feel a sense of urgency. The limited lighting keeps the player guessing about what is around the corner.
  • Limited world. The game world consists of three rooms, four if you count the outside of the house. This is in the pro list due to the fact that doing this in a horror game gives the player a claustrophobic feeling and a sense of impending doom.


  • 1406 2Too short. The game takes under 15 minutes to complete. It manages to tell the story in this short period, but for a $6 game I feel there should be more.
  • Story. The story feels generic and underwhelming. Paranormal investigator locked in a haunted house. It is weak and unimaginative.
  • Cheap jump scares. Yup, this is an indie horror game and like most others in this group it relies on cheap jump scares that have no impact on the player.
  • No replay-ability. The game is short and once done, that’s it. There are no achievements to chase, no secrets to uncover, it’s just over.

1406 is, for the most part, weak. There is not much to it, and thus, overpriced. I cannot, in good faith recommend it. Maybe if you can get it on sale as I did, but even then it’s not really worth it to me. To each their own though, and if you’d still like to try it see below.

Does this weeks game sound fun to you? You can pick up 1406 yourself over on the Steam store and join the horror now!

I Rate this game 30 out of 100

Check out my first impressions video below:

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