Coloring Game [PC]

color logoGame: Coloring Game
Available Platforms: PC
Price: Free
Reviewed on: PC
Genre: Casual, Art
Players: 1
Developer: L. Stotch
Release date: April 12, 2019

Hello and welcome to Jay’s Game Reviews! Today I am reviewing L. Stotch’s casual indie game Coloring Game.


color 1

The Coloring Game is a relaxing casual experience for the whole family. In this paint by the numbers style of coloring, the player can take their time and watch the picture fill in and come to life. Once the final block is colored the image switches to an animated cut scene. This is a nice and mostly adorable reward for the player. There is no game over, no time limit, no health, and no negative consequence allowing the player to take their time and relax into the game.


  • color 2Relaxing. Coloring Game is pure relaxation and no stress. Put on your favorite music and let yourself get lost in coloring.
  • Low skill required. This game is very simple allowing for children of all ages to enjoy it.Imagine paint by the numbers that won’t allow you to paint the wrong number with the wrong color.
  • Cost. The game is FREE, no better price than that!


  • color 3Limited images. Not a huge con, but all I could find, really. There are only 15 images and once they’re done, that’s it. I don’t know if the developer has plans to add more or not, but in fairness, they are 15 FREE images, so that makes it an easy con to overlook. Not going to be a choosy-beggar here.

Coloring Game is a free art simulator that is easy and relaxing. Enjoyable for players of all ages, it is a true gift to the gaming community as well as the art community. I could easily see young children finding a love for art after playing this, and that makes me smile. As a child Bob Ross inspired me and a whole generation, Coloring Game might not be Bob, but it is a step in the correct direction in my opinion!

Does this weeks game sound enjoyable to you? You can pick up Coloring Game for yourself on the Steam store and start painting right now.

I Rate this game 100 out of 100

Check out my first impressions video below:

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