Cowpocalypse [PC]

cow logoGame: Cowpocalypse
Available Platforms: Steam
Price: Free
Reviewed on: PC
Genre: Adventure, Sci-Fi
Players: 1
Developer: Balazs Hrabacsik
Release date: May 29, 2019

Hello and welcome to Jay’s Game Reviews! Today I am reviewing Balazs Hrabacsik‘s Indie Sci-Fi game Cowpocalypse.

cow 1Cowpocalypse (Episode 1) is a free game demo on the Steam store that drops the player into a silly but very scary (jk) world that is full of strange and terrifying beings (also jk). Right from the start the player is confronted with a choice. A seemingly simple choice: Red or Blue? Left or Right? Does it even matter? Is it all that matters? You’ll have to play and find out (or watch the video at the end of the review), but be warned: What lies ahead might shock you!


  • cow 2Fun Story. The game has a very interesting premise, it has a crocks and sunglasses wearing, vodka drinking, Russian Santa Clause, and a fun little mystery to solve. What more do you want?
  • Easy controls. Basically a simple point and click game, it is fairly intuitive.
  • Real meets silly. The game uses real world images and graphical images and presents them in a strange and silly way. For instance, the player uses a knife to cut a bed-sheet into a rope. While doing this the player finds an old dirty sock that could be used as a weapon against a bear. Simple things like this are used to entertain the player and lighten the mood of the game, giving it a comical feel.
  • That price tho. Hey, what’s better than a free game? A free game that is also fun and entertaining! That is exactly what you get with Cowpocalypse, and I couldn’t be happier!


  • Poor translations. While charming at first, the poor translation to English can become annoying very quickly. While it is always appreciated that any developer goes through the trouble to translate their game into a language that is not their native tongue, I think that getting someone to read the translation correctly should be important when doing this, otherwise, why even bother?
  • Controls don’t always respond. While easy to figure out, the controls don’t always seem to work. Several times when I clicked something my character just stood there. I found that if I clicked the ground to start him walking and then clicked on what I wanted to interact with that I could get him to respond. A little bit of a hassle.

cow 3I enjoyed episode 1 of Cowpocalypse and look forward to what else the series has to offer. I think that this game has the potential to become a cult classic of sorts if it is handled just right, and I really hope that it does as well as I think it can. I would love to see the game really take off and perhaps spawn sequels that explain more of the world and delve into the lore around it, those types of games I think, really stick with the player for years to come!

Does this weeks game sound fun to you? You can pick up the Cowpocalypse on Steam for free today!

I Rate this game 85 out of 100

Check out my first impressions video below:

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