Hand Simulator [PC]

hand logoGame: Hand Simulator
Available Platforms: Steam
Price: $1.99 USD (on sale for $0.59 USD)
Reviewed on: PC
Genre: Simulation
Players: 1, Online multiplayer
Developer: HFM Games
Release date: July 18, 2017

Hello and welcome to Jay’s Game Reviews! Today I am reviewing HFM game‘s simulation game Hand Simulator.

hand 1Hand Simulator is a couple of years old, but I just found it on Steam and figured I’d give it a shot as it has very positive reviews. Players use the keyboard to control fingers and use the mouse to move around in this simulation game. Use you hand to perform various mundane tasks such as load and fire weapons, use a sparkler and spin a fidget spinner. There are several levels to chose from, each with their own tasks and challenges.


  • hand 2Challenging. The game is maddening in it’s difficulty. The tasks are all simple enough, but the real challenge is in performing the tasks with the controls and the game mechanics. This makes the simple task of picking up an item a long drug out process that causes great frustration, but makes it very rewarding when you are able to complete a goal.



  • hand 3Controls. The controls in this game are what makes it challenging, that being said, there are so many times when you will do exactly what you should do in order to achieve an objective, but the controls fail you and the item you were trying to manipulate ends up on the floor.
  • Physics. The game’s physics are another obstacle that will cause the player to rage quit often! For example: There is a level called Milkmaid where you need to milk a cow. I was able to milk the cow, but because I brushed up against my bucket, it flew away and I was unable to get the achievement for milking the bovine.
  • Graphics. Very poor low quality graphics, but I can overlook this as it does add to the game’s charm somewhat.

I found this game to be frustrating and annoying and did not enjoy it aside from the laughs that I got when watching back my footage. I may try playing again sometime, but for now, I’d rather rub my face against a cheese grater.

Does this weeks game sound fun to you (it’s not)? You can pick up Hand Simulator on Steam or the developer’s site today!

I Rate this game 30 out of 100

Check out my first impressions video below:

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