Fade to Silence [PC] Redo

fade logoGame: Fade to Silence
Available Platforms: PC, PS4, X-Box One
Price: $39.99 [USD]
Reviewed on: PC
Genre: Survival, RPG, Horror, Adventure
Players: 1
Developer: Black Forest Games
Release date: Apr 30, 2019

Hello and welcome to Jay’s Game Reviews! Today I am reviewing Black Forest Games‘ Horror RPG Fade to Silence again!

fade1Okay folks, last week I reviewed this game and did not really give it the justice that it deserved. I have since played it A LOT and I have to say that I am really enjoying myself. I felt that in light of the fact that my opinion of the game has changed, that I would be doing you, the constant reader, a disservice by not re-reviewing it. While my first review was honest and genuine, part of being a human is having the ability to change your opinion on something, and in this case I did.


  • fade2Great story. The game has an interesting story where the protagonist Ash is caught in an endless loop of torment, being resurrected (more powerful each time) again and again. These resurrections appear to be caused my a crack/tear in the space-time continuum. This, to me explains why the game’s intro scene is the same as the re-spawn sequence. It is upon second look, a really ingenious way to explain extra lives.
  • Pretty game world. The world that the characters live in is well built and while cold and uninviting, still quite beautiful! There is a lot to explore and plenty to do as well, so get out there and explore! My opinion here did not change. This gaming would is cold and hostile, but very nice to look at.
  • Interesting but simple game mechanics. The player uses the left and right mouse buttons to attack and power attack, using these two buttons you can almost perform combo attacks. Combine this with the combat roll in order to quickly evade enemy attacks and you can complete some fun battles. There is also a block key that I did not know about and becoming familiar with how each move works is the key to successful battles.
  • Crafting system. The crafting system allows the player to create some basic items, in order to gain better weapons, tools and items the player must recruit followers and gain their trust in order to gain better goods.
  • Monsters. The monsters in this game can be quite a challenge and each one has a way to best fight in order to be the most successful. Knowing your enemy is a key to getting through the game.
  • Exploration. The game has a massive world to explore and the player can get really into just exploring!


  • fade3Graphics. The graphics of the game feel out dated. The game world looks nice, but the characters and monsters just feel lazy and sub-par. I’ve never been one to care about game graphics, but when there is a cost to the game, the quality of graphics should reflect that. My opinion here has not changed.
  • Voice acting. While not terrible, the voice acting feels forced. There is a lack of emotion in the acting that shows through which is very unfortunate as the story seems solid. There is also an issue in the programming where character’s have no breaks in speech between their lines. There should be a wait for seconds line of code added to add a break into the audio in my opinion.


  • Know your enemy! You need to know how best to fight or you will not last very long. Look up battle strategies online or experiment for yourself.
  • Unlock every resource you find! Unlocking hunting grounds, forests and mining points is the key to successfully gaining the trust of your followers, so if you see a resource area, make sure you unlock it.
  • Loot and explore everything! Gaining loot will allow you to craft the items that you need for your survival, don’t be afraid to run back and drop off items in your stash if needed!
  • Don’t fear death! Yeah, it really sucks starting over, but the circle of torment allows players to use the Sliver of Hope items that they get when taking over an outpost to start more powerful. The player can also gather shards that help with temperature, hunger, endurance and health and those all carry over as well.
  • Hold off on followers! Wait to gather a follower for the area until you have cleared the out post and fully explored the area. Since followers consume resources, I have found that waiting as long as possible to recruit them helps to save on resources until you can find new ones in the next zone. Be aware though, that in zone 3 you will need tier 2 tools and bow in order to collect/unlock resources and tier 3 shortly there after.

Fade to Silence is a really fun and immersing experience that can pull the player in for hours. While the voice acting is not the best and character models look out dated, the game is too much fun to pass up. You can even add a friend who can control one of your followers and help you with resource gathering. It is very interesting and worth (in my opinion) the $39.99 price tag.

Does this weeks game sound fun to you? You can pick up Fade to Silence on Steam today!

I Rate this game 98 out of 100

Check out my second impressions video below:

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