Octopath Traveler [PC]

octo logoGame: Octopath Traveler
Available Platforms: Switch, PC
Price: $59.99 [USD]
Reviewed on: PC
Genre: RPG
Players: 1
Developer: Square Enix
Release date: June 7, 2019

Hello and welcome to Jay’s Game Reviews! Today I am reviewing Square Enix‘s RPG Octopath Traveler.

octo 1Octopath Traveler lets the player pick an adventure by allowing them to choose a character to start the game with. Each character has a different class and story to enjoy. The classes that the player can choose are: Apothecary, Cleric, Dancer, Hunter, Merchant, Scholar, Thief & Warrior. Each have strengths and weaknesses and each is a real blast to play! In addition, each character has several sub-jobs that the player can acquire for them. For instance, the Thief can choose Dancer, Merchant or Apothecary as a sub-job.


  • octo 2Great story. The game drops the player into an interesting world and allows them to pick a character to play with, each with their own unique back story.
  • Music. The game has a nice assortment of background music, as is standard with Square Enix’s games. Composer Yasunori Nishiki did a phenomenal job of scoring the game in a way that captures the essence of what makes classic RPGs great!
  • Characters. As mentioned before, the game allows the player to choose one of eight characters and each has a unique and interesting story and personality.
  • Art. The game uses classic RPG style graphics, but still uses some amazing artwork (See that awesome snake?) combining the two flawlessly.


  • I really couldn’t find anything to complain about with this week’s title!

octo 3Octopath Traveler is a fun story-driven role player that immerses the player into an interesting world. As a fan of RPG style games, specifically the retro (NES/SNES) style, I found it to be an excellent purchase as Steam was having a sale on it. I really enjoyed my time with the game and recommend it to anyone who likes classic RPGs.

Does this weeks game sound fun to you? You can pick up Octopath Traveler on Steam or Square Enix’s site today!

I Rate this game 100 out of 100

Check out my first impressions video below:

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