The Lighthouse [PC]

Game: The Lighthouse
Available Platforms: PC, XBox One, PS4
Price: $24.99
Reviewed on: PC
Genre: Horror, Story rich
Players: 1
Developer: Shadow Knight Studio
Release date: October 31, 2019

Hello and welcome to Jay’s Game Reviews! Today I am reviewing Shadow Knight Studio‘s  horror game The Lighthouse.

light 1The Lighthouse is an early access horror game that places the player in shoes of Irvine, a detective who is searching for a missing girl. Set in 1960’s Maine, the game takes place in an abandoned (haunted) house. There is a psychological element as well due to Irvine dealing with the tragic loss of his own daughter who shares her name with the missing girl Lily. The game is scored by Mimi Page and her haunting music serves to draw the player into the world.


  • light 2Story. The Lighthouse takes the players into a haunted house style experience while playing as a detective searching for a missing young girl. The detective has suffered his own loss and the player will witness his memories and tragic past.
  • Graphics. The game is simply gorgeous! Every detail feels like it was lovingly crafted.
  • Score. The entire reason that I got this game! I went to a lecture on “The art of musical expression:Composing emotionally captivating music and sound design in video games” (what a mouthful!) presented by Mimi Page. Mimi scored this game and some of the examples that she showed in her presentation was from The Lighthouse. I enjoyed not just what I saw in the trailer, but what I heard. I think the music in this game really makes it great!


  • Short. The game is in early access and currently incomplete. I was very disappointed when I saw the screen indicating that I had completed it as I had so many unanswered questions! I look forward to the next chapter, but the problem with that is there are so many other games out there to play that I tend to forget about games like this and never return to them.

light 3The Lighthouse is a beautifully done horror game that uses an amazing score to pull the player into the game and hold them there until they complete the game. The game is in Early Access and so is still incomplete so at the time of this writing there are only two chapters. This is a bit disappointing, as the entire thing can be completed in less than an hour. Still, the game is very fun so far, and has a nice spooky element!

Does this weeks game sound interesting to you? You can pick up The Lighthouse for yourself over on the Steam store today!

I Rate this game 88 out of 100

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Hot Lava [PC]

hot logoGame: Hot Lava
Available Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Price: $19.99
Reviewed on: PC
Genre: Action, Platformer, Free Run, Parkour
Players: Multiplayer (Online)
Developer: Klei Entertainment
Release date: September 19, 2019

Hello and welcome to Jay’s Game Reviews! Today I am reviewing Klei Entertainment‘s  Hardcore Parkour game Hot Lava.

hot 1Hot Lava transports players back to their childhood of jumping from couch to chair, chair to floor mat while never touching the actual floor. The game when we were kids was only Hot Lava in name, but Klei has taken it to a whole new level by making the entire floor actual lava! This First person Parkour game lets players face off together to try reaching the end of the map with the fastest, and hopefully coolest time. Try not to get burned while you navigate through these treacherous halls!


  • hot 2Game Mechanics. The game has some very interesting mechanics and a really fun play-style. Levels have helpful items like ropes and sticky walls to help the player move forward.
  • Challenge. The game gets more challenging the longer you play. Not that the maps necessarily get harder, but other players get better times and if you want to be the top dog, you need to get better too!
  • Hardcore Parkour! Just what it says, the game is a giant parkour challenge, move fast, jump high and be accurate. What ever you do, don’t touch the floor!


  • The levels. The different area maps while fun and unique the first few times can become somewhat repetitive. I could only play a map 4-6 times before growing tired of it.

hot 3Hot Lava lets players compete in the ultimate game of “Don’t touch the floor” aka “Hot Lava“! A unique and fun style of parkour action play shows Klei Entertainments dedication to providing players with fun ways to play. Players can unlock now character skins as they play and advance, as well as new and interesting levels. Competing against other players for the fastest run makes the game a continual challenge and a welcome change to the monotony in the same only first person shooter style competitive world. Finally my years of platform gaming will pay off!

Does this weeks game sound interesting to you? You can pick up Hot Lava for yourself over at the Steam Store today!

I Rate this game 80 out of 100

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The Outer Worlds [PC]

ob logoGame: The Outer Worlds
Available Platforms: PC, XBox One, PS4, Switch
Price: $59.99
Reviewed on: PC
Genre: Role Playing, Story rich, First person shooter
Players: 1
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Release date: October 25, 2019

Hello and welcome to Jay’s Game Reviews! Today I am reviewing Obsidian Entertainment‘s  Role Playing game The Outer Worlds.

ob 1The Outer Worlds is a “western style” role playing game from the same people who gave us Fallout: New Vegas. The game takes place in a world where big business has taken over in a major way and everything is for sale. Human life is cheap and the Board rules the galaxy. This is an alternate reality in which William McKinley is never assassinated and as a result Teddy Roosevelt never succeeded him as President of the US. As a result, the large business trusts took over and were allowed to flourish. Mega-corporations began colonizing space and becoming the ruling authority.


  • ob 2Story. The game has a remarkable story with an intriguing and interesting cast of characters. The playable character has a flexible personality that is built on the player’s decisions, and the companions that can be recruited each have quests that can be completed to help develop them and grow them as individuals.
  • Lighting. The use of light and shadow in the game helps to build the mood for each separate zone of the game. Particles are used to enhance the way that ballistic weapons differ from plasma, flame and shock.
  • Audio. From the background music to the footfalls, voice acting to gunshots: the audio throughout the game is spot on. Everything not only fits the situation it sounds good. Each NPC has a unique voice and is hard to forget; and the emotion and effort in the voice acting combines well with the character focused writing to achieve this effect.


  • Repetitive fights. The monsters while somewhat unique from world to world do become repetitive and stale.

ob 3The Outer Worlds is a really fun and engaging experience. The story is compelling and pulls the player in while the diverse and interesting cast of characters helps to immerse the player into the game world. This game is a nice change from the normality that has been established of triple A games being released to the public broken and buggy. The only exploit that I have found is an item duplication glitch. The challenge is balanced well with the story to give the player a fun and enjoyable over-all experience.

Does this weeks game sound interesting to you? You can pick up The Outer Worlds for yourself over on their website today!

I Rate this game 95 out of 100

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Moons of Madness [PC]

moon logo 1moon logo 2Game: Moons of Madness
Available Platforms: PC (XBox One & PS4 coming Jan 2020)
Price: $24.99
Reviewed on: PC
Genre: Horror, Story-rich, First Person, SPACE!
Players: 1
Developer: Rock Pocket Games, Dreamloop Games
Release date: October 22, 2019

Hello and welcome to Jay’s Game Reviews! Today I am reviewing Rock Pocket Games and Dreemloop games‘ Space Horror game Moons of Madness.

moon 1Moons of Madness is a Lovecraftian space horror game that takes place on Mars. Players will move their character through a space craft and along the surface of the planet while trying to survive and solve the mystery of what is happening on this strange planet. Who is this crazy woman, the witch? What are the dreams about? What is the deal with all these tentacles? Will you make it to the end, or go mad in the attempt? Only time will tell!


  • moon 2Scary. It is rare that I can find something that actually genuinely frightens me, but this game hit the mark big time! The “Blow out the candles” sequence in the game’s opening literally made me jump out of my chair!
  • Story telling. Just like H.P. Lovecraft himself, the writers took the time to weave an amazing story to really immerse the player into this world! I was very impressed my the detail that was put into each note that I found on the ship and with the dialogue between characters.
  • Rendering. Put simply: the game looks beautiful, even with tentacles and sludge everywhere. Every detail shows the hard work and care that the developers, designers, and engineers put into this project.
  • SPACE! Bonus points for the setting, space games make me happy and get me excited! SPACE!!!


  • I have found no faults with this title, such a rare occurrence!

moon 3Moons of Madness blends Science Fiction with Horror very well, leaving the player feeling stranded and lost to the vastness of the harsh surface of Mars. I highly recommend the game for any fan of horror, and especially to fans of HP Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulhu! I personally cannot get enough of the game, and will be playing it all the way through (probably several times) and enjoying every scare that comes my way!

Does this weeks game sound interesting to you? You can pick up Moons of Madness for yourself over on the Steam store today!

I Rate this game 100 out of 100

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Demons Never Lie [PC]

lie logoGame: Demons Never Lie
Available Platforms: PC
Price: $14.99
Reviewed on: PC
Genre: Horror, Story-rich, Point and Click
Players: 1
Developer: IndieBug
Release date: October 22, 2019

Hello and welcome to Jay’s Game Reviews! Today I am reviewing IndieBug‘s Point and Click style Horror game Demons Never Lie.

lie 1Demons Never Lie is a point and click style Voxel horror game that follows the story of John as he tries to rewrite his life with the help of a demon. John is returned to his body when he is a youth having no memory of his life and death. He is given flashes of the choices that he made the last time around and is then tasked with trying to right the wrongs from his former miserable life. The game was developed by a single person over the course of two years. The work that she has done on the game is impressive for a single person in such a short period of time, perhaps she too has a demon helping her?


  • lie 2Story rich. This game places the player into the shoes of John and leads them through his terrible life that is full of regret and poor decisions. Combining elements of a visual novel with a dark and rich atmosphere really help to make the story come to life!
  • Simple controls. Players use the mouse to simply point at what they want to interact with and then click it. Not sure if it can get any easier than that.
  • Interesting puzzles. The game has players combine items in order to solve puzzles and move forward in the game. This is challenging enough to hold player’s interest while not being overly complicated and turning players away.
  • Free Demo. Yup, there is a free demo! Check it out!
  • Fitting music. The music really helps to set the mood, and I always appreciate a well thought out sound track in a game or film.


  • Lie 3Finicky camera angles. I’m assuming that this is what I am experiencing anyways. There are times that I need to (or at least thing I need to) get somewhere, but the camera is angled such that I can’t click a proper location to make John move there.
  • Not very scary. Admittedly, I am not overly far into the game, but so far, the horror element is way too light for me. This being a story rich game, I feel like I should be experiencing genuine terror by the end of the second scene of the game. That being said, the story has a lot more to tell, so I may need to be more patient.

Demons Never Lie is a well rounded game that really shows the developer’s skill at story telling. For a single developer’s first ever project, I think it was really well done and am impressed at just how good it is. The worst thing about this game are more personal issues that I have with it, the game is pretty solid and in my opinion well worth the price tag! I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good story.

Does this weeks game sound interesting to you? You can pick up Demons Never Lie for yourself over on the Steam store today!

I Rate this game 90 out of 100

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Gray Dawn [PC]

Gray LogoGame: Gray Dawn
Available Platforms: PC
Price: $19.99
Reviewed on: PC
Genre: Horror, Story-rich
Players: 1
Developer: Interactive Stone
Release date: June 7, 2018

Hello and welcome to Jay’s Game Reviews! Today I am reviewing Interactive Stone‘s Religious Horror game Gray Dawn.

gray 1Gray Dawn places the player into the shoes of a priest who is being accused of the abduction and deaths of several young children. Players control the priest as they move through a bright and vibrant, yet dark and sinister world. Locate clues and relics to recover the memories of what happened. As you move through trying to prove the priest’s innocence, you will be tormented with terrible visions and flashes in this strange and captivating game.


  • Gray 2Story rich. Gray Dawn has a strong story that will keep players immersed until the end. Finding out the truth is only half the story, there is so much more going on just beyond the fabric of reality.
  • Beautiful world. The game world is very beautiful and vibrant. Everything rendered with attention to even the finest detail showing the love that the developer put into it.
  • Creepy. The game, while very beautiful, is also quite horrible! One moment everything looks wonderful and the next, players are dropped into a hellscape of terror.


  • Gray 3Character models. The models of the characters that are in the game world look cheap and stock-like. The drastic difference between the beautiful landscape that surrounds you and these cheap models serves to ruin the immersion.

Gray Dawn offers an interesting story and a world that is as beautiful as it is creepy. The game mechanics are basic, and the graphics not great, but overall it is a well done and decently put together experience. I mostly enjoyed my time with the game and recommend it if you have the time and a little extra money to spend.

Does this weeks game sound spooky enough to you? You can pick up Gray Dawn for yourself over on the Steam store today!

I Rate this game 85 out of 100

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The Backrooms Game FREE Edition [PC]

back logoGame: The Backrooms Game FREE Edition
Available Platforms: PC
Price: Free
Reviewed on: PC
Genre: Horror, Adventure
Players: 1
Developer: Pie On A Plate Productions
Release date: July 25, 2019

Hello and welcome to Jay’s Game Reviews! Today I am reviewing Pie On A Plate Production‘s Indie Horror game The Backrooms Game FREE Edition.

The Backrooms Game is, from what I have learned, based on a 4Chan post of the same name. Players must walk through a series of corridors checking their watch every 30 seconds and pressing (default E) a key in order to recover memories.


  • back 1Goop? There is a black good that oozes from sections of the room and helps to make the player uneasy.
  • Mood. The mood is set up very well to give the player an ominous sense of dread. I felt like there was something chasing me the whole time, and I still don’t really know if there was or not.
  • Sound effects. Sound effects were used to help set the mood, and were used very effectively! The sounds of lights exploding around me, something wet and slithering in the distance, a constant humming and many other sounds really worked well to make me feel dread and panic.
  • Simplistic. The game is very simple, walk, check your watch, recover memory. Everything looks the same making it easy to get lost and induce moments of panic as well.


  • back 2.jpgLack of a clear objective. I wandered and wandered (further each time) but really unclear with what my purpose was. When I played the first time, I did not realize that I needed to press the memory recovery key while I had my watch up. I also missed the text at the opening (it went by to quickly) that instructed my to not look at the creature. Useful knowledge!
  • Lack-luster. The game just misses the mark when it comes to providing an entertaining experience. Sure, at first when you are panicking to figure things out you get something out of it, but the novelty wears off quickly.

All-in-all, I enjoyed the game, it was an average indie horror game. For a free title, I enjoyed it more than I expected to. While it missed the mark in some key places, I think that it made up for that mostly with the initial feelings that it induces. Not a great title, but much better that a lot of the games out there!

Does this weeks game sound interesting to you? You can pick up The Backrooms Game FREE Edition for yourself over on the Steam store today!

I Rate this game 75 out of 100

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Little Misfortune [PC]

lil logoGame: Little Misfortune
Available Platforms: PC
Price: $19.99
Reviewed on: PC
Genre: Story rich, Adventure
Players: 1
Developer: Killmonday Games
Release date: Sept 18, 2019

Hello and welcome to Jay’s Game Reviews! Today I am reviewing Killmonday Games‘ adventure game Little Misfortune.

Little Misfortune takes players on a grand adventure as they control Misfortune and guide her to her inevitable death. This is not a spoiler however, as the player is told this at the start of the game by the narrator. Little Misfortune was released be Killmonday Games, the maker of the game Fran Bow, a similar title.


  • lil 1Rich Story. The game features a great story much like the studio’s earlier title Fran Bow. The story is dark and enthralling, pulling the player into this world full of strange and interesting (though often creepy) characters.
  • Audio. The game has a nice soundtrack and the character voices are done really well. Even the sound effects each fit and feel natural.
  • Animation. Even though the game is a 2D side scrolling game, the animations are well done and charming. The color pallet used in each area of the game seems to have been well thought out and fits the mood of the scene.
  • Options. The player is given choices for most things, and each choice offers a consequence.


  • lil 2Nothing. I played a fair bit of this game (I’ve not had the time to finish it yet) and I have yet to find anything that I could consider a con. I don’t even see the cost as a con since the game is good and very enjoyable, I am glad that the developer can make a profit from it. The game renders well looks good, is well thought out and builds a rich and deep lore that the player can immerse into and get lost.

lil 3Little Misfortune is a fun and entertaining game that lets the player explore a world of misery and gloom. Players are given many choices, and they rarely have the expected outcome, making each one a unique and enjoyable (if a little dark) surprise for the player to experience. Sometimes in order to move the game forward, the choices are taken away, or if one is given, the player can only continue after making the correct one. The game is a great ride, and I highly recommend it!

Does this weeks game sound fun to you? You can pick up Little Misfortune for yourself over on the Steam store today!

I Rate this game 100 out of 100

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The Dark Picture: Man of Medan [PC]

man logoGame: Man of Medan
Available Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Price: $29.99
Reviewed on: PC
Genre: Story rich Horror
Players: 1-2 (up to 4 on console)
Developer: Supermassive Games
Release date: Aug 29, 2019

Hello and welcome to Jay’s Game Reviews! Today I am reviewing Supermassive Games‘ entry into their “The Dark Pictures” horror trilogy Man of Medan

Man of Medan is an interactive horror story that allows players to control several characters and make choices that will decide their fate. The game is set as a multiplayer allowing for each player to control a different character (up to 2) and the console version offers a “Movie night mode” that allows up to 4 players to play.


  • man 1Movie like. The game gives players very movie like cinematic scenes making it feel more like a horror film than a game. An interactive film, but still a film.
  • Music. The game is scored wonderfully, setting the tone for an epic horror story!
  • Overall tone. The overall tone is creepy and fun, like a campfire ghost story, the game will catch unsuspecting players off guard. It is fun and a unique way to experience a story.


  • man 3Voice Acting. The voice acting is done in a way that makes me feel like the actors really didn’t care for the project and had nothing invested in it. Specifically Joe and Charlie who sound like someone faking a cheap knock off southern accent and not really caring how it sounds. The character of Alex also fell very flat and disinterested to me.
  • Jump scares. If you have read my reviews or watched my videos before than you know that I detest cheap jump scares. There is SO MUCH opportunity to use the cramped claustrophobic setting of being on a freaking boat in the freaking ocean as a way to scare the hell out of the player but instead they decided to go with an image of (present day) Jeffery Epstein accompanied by a loud obnoxious noise to deliver the scares. Cheap.
  • Predictability. I mean… You can kinda see how this is gonna go (or at least a good idea of it) from the very start.
  • Cheap deaths. I missed a quick time event input. I am now dead. I told Alex that he is a dick. I am also now dead. Again, cheap.

man 2.jpgThis game had a crap-ton of potential to be great, but the developer relied on cheap jump scares and deaths to move the story. It is overly predictable and the actors (mostly) seemed like they would rather be anywhere else. That being said, I really enjoyed the interactivity of the game as a whole. The story, while predictable, was pretty solid. The game overall was pretty average, it has so much potential, it just feels like the developer dropped the ball.

Does this weeks game sound fun to you? You can pick up Man of Medan for yourself over on the Steam store and let the spooks begin!

I Rate this game 78 out of 100

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Mushroom Cats [PC]

mush logoGame: Mushroom Cats
Available Platforms: PC
Price: Free
Reviewed on: PC
Genre: Point and Click, Casual
Players: 1
Developer: Anatoliy Loginovskikh
Release date: June 10, 2019



Hello and welcome to Jay’s Game Reviews! Today I am reviewing Anataoliy Loginovskikh‘s casual point and click game Mushroom Cats.

Mushroom Cats is a casual game where players need to collect hats by pointing and clicking on them, and then place those hats on the heads of the Mushroom Cats (also by pointing and clicking). There is no death or danger, it is just a relaxing game.


  • mush 1Cute. This game is stupidly cute! You are putting cartoon hats onto cartoon cats that are in fun little cat poses. Each time that you cap a cat with a hat, it purrs (except for the drunk one that hiccups)
  • Music. The game’s music is upbeat and fun adding to the over-all cuteness and charm of the experience.


  • mush 2Short. The game is way too short lasting about three minuets total, which is great for a quick casual experience, but I would have loved to play the game a bit more. With all of it’s charm, playing it some more would have been very enjoyable in my opinion. Being as that the game is free however, I’ll mostly overlook this issue.

Mushroom Cats is adorable and simple, the game has a nice general cuteness that really allows the player to just kick back and relax. The enjoyment of the game, however short, is free of danger as there is nothing to hurt the player or anything else in this overly adorable world.

mush 3Does this weeks game sound fun to you? You can pick up Mushroom Cats free for yourself over on the Steam store and put hats on all the cats too!

I Rate this game 98 out of 100

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