Remothered: Tormented Fathers [PC]

Remothered flagGame: Remothered: Tormented Fathers
Available Platforms: PC, PS4, XBox One
Price: PC $9.99 (USD), PS4 & XBox One $17.99 (USD)
Reviewed on: PC
Genre: Horror, Action
Players: 1
Developer: Darril Arts
Release date: Jan 30, 2018



Hello and welcome to Jay’s Game Reviews! Today I am reviewing Italian game studio Darril Arts‘ Horror game Remothered: Tormented Fathers.

Red Nun
The Red Nun will scare the crap out of you!

Remothered: Tormented Fathers is another game that I had the privilege to Beta test and have seen it evolve into the masterpiece that it is today. I do not use the word “masterpiece” lightly, this game is a true gem! If you are a fan of Survival Horror I highly recommend Remothered, and I’m not the only one! You might ask, “What makes it so good?” Well, as always lets take a look at some pros and cons of this game.


  • Highly terrifying. This game really makes he player’s adrenaline pump as they are constantly hunted through out the game. The constant dread of being caught at any moment serves to keep the player on edge and always alert.
  • Defenseless protagonist. Dr. Rosemary Reed the protagonist that the player controls throughout the game has two ways to elude her tormentor, she can hide in wardrobes and she can throw bottles into his face. That’s about it though! This lack of defensive weapons leaves the player feeling vulnerable throughout the game.
  • A nice creepy story. Without giving away too much (because spoilers suck!), Dr. Reed busts into Dr. Richard Felton’s home for her concern for Celeste a young girl gone missing. As you might suspect, Felton is not happy with the trespasser!
  • Corpse with moths
    Creepy good graphics!

    Visually appealing, in a creepy way. This game is beautifully rendered, even if that beautiful rendering is scary and creepy as hell!

  • Voice acting is well done. The voice actors in this game did a great job! Danielle McRae (League of Legends, World of Warcraft) as Reed and Adam Harrington (Bigby Wolf, Tales of Monkey Island) as Felton really show the emotions of their characters. They are joined by Lani Minella as Gloria & Red Nun, Olivia Steele as Celeste Felton & Jennifer, Talmadge Ragan as Madame Svenska and Brandon Fague as Mr. Manni all of which really bring the game to life.


  • Very difficult. This gave takes things back to the 1990’s when video games were extremely difficult with no apologies. I would personally consider this a Pro, but I understand that it can be a deal breaker for some players.
  • Not for children. This game by its nature is NOT kid friendly and will likely keep them up all night with nightmares. While I would have played this game as a kid, I would not recommend it to most young people.

Rosemary in bathroom
Even the in-game graphics have that scary-good quality!

As you might have guessed, I really enjoyed this game! Everything about it really feeds my craving for horror, and scratches that creepy itch. I highly recommend Remothered: Tormented Fathers to anyone who enjoys a good scare, but be warned: This game is not for those who don’t like horror or children. I listed two cons, but to be honest, I really had to think about them. In fact I spent about three hours and played the game some more trying to come up with something to put on the list. I can’t really fault the game for these two cons though, as they are there by design and serve to make the game what it is.

Want to experience the frights for yourself? You can pick up Remothered: Tormented Fathers from the game’s official site for  Xbox One, PS4, and PC or for PC on the Steam Store.

I Rate this game 100 out of 100. That’s right, this game is THAT GOOD!

You can check out my original beta testing for the game below:

11-11 Memories Retold [PC]

Hello and welcome to Jay’s Game Reviews! Today I will be reviewing Bandai Namco’s artistic story game “11-11 Memories Retold”.

Harry and Kurt
Playable characters Harry and Kurt

11-11 is a story driven game taking place during the last couple years of World War I. The story follows Harry, a Canadian photographer on the Allies side; and Kurt a German father searching for his son on the Axis side. Both characters join the war for different reasons and both have very interesting stories that the player will follow. The player alternates between the two stories and follows along triggering events to progress each; while collecting items that add historical articles in the form of collectibles. Let’s take a look at some pros and cons for 11-11 and see where the game shines.


  • Obviously in a story driven game on top should be the story. This game really pulls the player in and immerses them into the plight of the characters. The player can really feel the stress and sadness of these two men as they strive to survive the rigors of combat and reunite with those they love. These are very emotional and touching stories that the player can really get lost in, and that is a great thing indeed!
  • Elijah Wood
    -Click for video-

    Voice Acting. The voice acting in this game is top notch, and there’s a good reason why. With voice actors such as Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings trilogy, Sin City) and Sebastian Koch (Bridge of Spies, Homeland) 11-11 really holds its own here! Both actors are able to bring the emotion into their voice that helps the player to better understand what the character is going through. In any video game, or cartoon this is a huge make or break point for me. It is so important that the actors help the viewer/player understand the emotions through their voice work.

  • Art style. The unique art style of this game I think is what initially pulled me in. I saw some screen shots and it looked like Bob Ross made the game! Well; maybe not Bob, more of a Rembrandt mixed with some Van Gogh and very different for a video game. Something new and fresh for an art style really gives this game a fresh feel for me, and this style looks like a painting come to life.
  • Collectible
    Collectibles tell their own stories.

    History telling collectibles. One of the cool features of this game is in it’s collectible items. The player collects a few matching items and then they are able to read a brief excerpt from a document from the War. These documents give historical relevance to the events happening in the game at the time of their collection. For instance, the player might be at a railway station and the collectible is an article talking about trains in World War I.



  • Graphical issues. There are some moments in this game (notably when playing cards in the mini games) when the graphics get blocky and do not render correctly. This hurts player immersion and really takes away from such an otherwise beautiful game.
  • Broken AI. There are moments when NPC’s will walk into a wall and just keep trying to move forward for (presumably) eternity. While not game breaking, this too is immersion breaking for the player.
  • Unclear objectives. This one I did find annoying. The player will be tasked with speaking with someone, but there is no way to know who you should speak too. If you are a completionist like me, you will want to talk to everyone that you can. With know way of knowing which NPC will progress the story I found myself accidentally talking to them before searching for collectibles and speaking to everyone else, thus loosing the opportunity to do so. Along with this is a moment when Harry was in the trenches and was tasked with obtaining a flask but the game would not let me complete it.

When everything is said and done, 11-11 Memories Retold is a beautiful look at a violent and horrible time in our world’s history. This game offers a new perspective at both sides of the conflict highlighting the personal stories of two soldiers and their reasons for being in the middle of such a traumatizing experience. War is an ugly thing, but this game is able to find a diamond in the rough.

If you’d like to experience the stories (and I’d highly recommend it) of Harry and Kurt, you can pick the game up right now from Bandai’s Site or on the Steam Store.

I scored this game 92 out of 100

Check out my first impressions video below:

Artificer: science of magic [PC]

Development team
Psilopete, Sawa & Balthazar

Hello and welcome to Jay’s Game Reviews! Today I will be talking about the game “Artificer Science of Magic” by the small (wife and husband) Polish indy team Psilocybe Games.

Artificer is a single player game that mixes several genres to create a unique and fun experience. The developers have done a great job of combining adventure, exploration, crafting, survival game and a neat story to create a very charming and fun game. The team who also made a game about their dog Balthazar, commissioned the talents of Michael Noble Music, who scored the game with hauntingly beautiful music. So, what did the game do good and bad? Lets take a look.


  • Crafting System. I had the pleasure of watching this game from a very early testing stage to its current form. The crafting system has come a very long way from a basic system that was very unclear of what players should do to a fully functional and unique system that is on par with games such as Minecraft and Don’t Starve.
  • Mini games for new recipes. There are some fun little mini games that players can do in order to unlock new crafting recipes, (see below clip) and there are several different mini games as well.


  • Dissection
    Dissecting monsters requires a dissection table.

    Nice assortment of monsters. There are quite a few creatures that the player will face and each has a specific weakness and strength. The player will be challenged to find and exploit these weaknesses. Once the player has defeated a new monster they can then Dissect it to learn some new recipes!

  • Exploring an interesting world. Players find themselves on a strange world after crashing their space craft. Searching the immediate area will net the player a few supplies to get started, but they will need to venture out and forge for the items needed for survival.
  • An interesting story. The game creates its own neat lore that the player will discover while they collect items for survival as well as parts for repairing their ship.
  • Art style
    Artificer offers a fun yet dark art style.

    A fun and dark art style. The art of this game; all done by “Sawa” (the wife half of this development team), has a unique charm to it. The fun yet dark style sets a great mood for the gaming experience.

  • An active community. The Developers have set up a Discord for players, supporters and fans to come together and discuss this game, game development, and anything else that happens to come up. The developers themselves are there and always active in the conversation with the community.
  • A hauntingly beautiful score. As mentioned in the introduction of this review, the score for this game is absolutely marvelous! You can have a great game and then a crappy soundtrack ruins it (I’m looking at you Ghostbusters on NES!), or a crappy game that wastes a great sound track (Fallout 76 anyone?) but when you have a great game and a great sound track? Pure magic happens, and that is what we have with Michael Noble’s amazing work in Artificer!


  • Slow development. Having such a small team means that development can run a little slow at times.
  • Lack of instruction. At times in the game the player can be left wondering what to do next. The game has gotten much better with this and it is almost no longer an issue, but there are still small moments that players may be confused. Though in those moments if the player explores a little they can easily figure it out.

My opinion on this game is that it is quickly becoming one of my favorites. It is my go to when I don’t know what else to play, and its great to have that! While I do my best to remain unbiased, I found myself really searching for things to place in that Cons column! I loved the charming game Balthazar’s Dream that the team started with, and I love this one too! I encourage you to check the game out yourself and you can do so on the Steam Store.

I rate this game 97 out of 100

You can check out some of my game play from the pre-early access of the game below.

Don’t Starve: Hamlet [PC]

Hello and welcome to Jay’s Game Reviews! Today I will be reviewing Klei Entertainment’s newest base building DLC “Hamlet” for their hit game “Don’t Starve”.

Klei is a game studio known for their Tim Burton styled art and quirky characters. I have been playing the Don’t Starve series since it’s debut and have yet to be disappointed. That being said; there are a few things that should be discussed with this latest addition to the Don’t Starve collection, some good and some bad. It should be noted before we begin, however, that this DLC is still in Early Access and could very well change drastically before it’s official release.


  • This expansion to the Don’t Starve family allows players to interact with pig villagers. Players can perform tasks for the residents and receive coins called “Oinks”. Oinks can then be traded for various goods and even used to buy a house within the Hamlet.WilbaWarbucks
  • As with the other expansions, Hamlet introduces new playable characters! Warbucks, modeled like a big game hunter or an explorer. Wilba, the Princess of the Pig people who lost her crown.
  • There are new Seasons, monsters, biomes and items that can be experienced, found and crafted.
  • There is a new Treasure Hunting mechanic complete with traps, players can hunt for artifacts, search trap and monster filled rooms for treasure and find useful items in statues.

You can check out my “First thoughts” video below.


  • header (1)The only real con of this expansion is that it does not use any of the additions from the Don’t Starve Together multiplayer expansion and this is a solo venture. After many players got into the playing with a friend aspect of DST, it was taken away.

So what do I thing of the Hamlet DLC? Well, I picked it up as soon as the early access came out and have really enjoyed it. It is, like the rest of the series, darkly charming and full of interesting adventure to be had. The only thing that could make it better would be the inclusion of the multiplayer introduced in “together”. Check out all of the Don’t Starve content over on Klei’s Don’t Starve site:

I Score this one 91 out of 100.

I also did a live stream of it and the three replay videos for that can be found below.

Fallout 76 [PC]

Hello and welcome to Jay’s game reviews! Today I will be reviewing Bethesda’s newest installment to the Fallout franchise, Fallout 76. It’s about to get messy, so buckle up!

I started playing Fallout 76 during the Beta testing for the game and while I didn’t necessarily jump on the hype train for the game, I did have high hopes that this would be another great addition to the history rich Fallout franchise. I have been playing Fallout games since the original game released way back in 1997, so to say that I enjoy the series is a pretty safe assumption. That being said, I found some good and some bad things in this game, but I’ll do my best to keep my opinion unbiased. Lets start with the Pros.


  • The map is absolutely huge! That means you have tons of places that you can explore, and each location is filled with loot.
  • That huge map is really pretty. Especially when you are out in the woods and the sun cuts through the bright orange and red fall foliage.
Wendigo from Fallout 76 Image from:
  • There are quite a few new and unique creatures. By now I’m sure everyone is aware of the presence of the Mothman but what you may not know is that there are several versions of him! There is the cute Mothman who can be summoned by lighting a beacon with firefly guys and then there is the menacing Mothman who stalks
    Grafton Monster
    Grafton Monster in Fallout 76 Image from:

    players through Appalachia. Then there is the Grafton Monster (kind of a rock or clay monster), the Wendigo (A cannibalistic creature who resembles Smeagol from “The Lord of the Rings”) and many others.

  • You can play with friends or play solo and have just as much fun. While there are certain perks that give great returns when teamed up, there are just as many for a solo run, and if you are specked for group play, you can just be on a team with someone without ever interacting with them.
  • Most in game locations have at least a small environmental story. I recently uploaded a video (see below) of one such find where you can see the tragedy of one family who did not survive the harsh environment of the Wasteland. These environmental stories are found EVERYWHERE!


  • This game is filled with bugs. Entering Power Armor can cause the game to freeze forcing players to force exit the game and reload it. Monsters get frozen in place, or their AI gets confused and is unable to path to the player. Random Lag spikes. Weird graphic errors that cause monsters and players to be stretches and bent into odd monstrosities. Some players have reported not being able to respawn when over encumbered (more on that later), player bases unable to be placed and the list goes on.
  • Lack of NPCs. This is a complaint that I have seen from people since the beta and I am in complete agreement! There are robots, terminals and Halo tapes that players get quests from. There is a story that you can follow. There is a story is the side quests that you can do. The lack of NPCs does not mean a lack of story, it is rather, a lack of motivation to follow the story. Allow me to explain. In every other Fallout game (except Fallout Shelter) when the player interacts with an NPC they are given choices. These choices, or branches in the dialog tree, can determine the outcome of encounters and effect whether certain factions like the player or not. This in turn allows the player to build alliances (or rivalries) with certain groups. The way that the story works with 76 is that you are given a task “Go here”, “Get this”, etc… you do that task and then you are given another. It is boring and monotonous.
  • PvP is a complete joke! I’m not delving too far into this, but here’s the basics. If you want to do PvP you walk up to who you want to fight and attack. Very little damage is done. If the player wishes to “duel” you, they attack back, and that attack does full damage. This begins the PvP encounter! The issue is that the attacked player can take as long as they want to buff and prepare and then potentially one hit the attacker. There are other ways to do PvP such as taking over work shops and hunting “Wanted” players, but honestly, they are all just as lame and not worth talking about.
  • Over encumberment. I can’t stress enough how irritating this is! Everything has a weight in this game, which isn’t terrible, however, when you have to much weight you can not fast travel and you cannot run. In past Fallout games it was the same, but you could take a perk (Long Haul) that would allow you to still fast travel. Not so in Fallout 76! So, you leave a bunch of stuff behind, fast travel to your base, unload, fast travel back grab stuff, back to base and so on, right? Nope, because your base also has a (very small) limit on storage space! This is being addressed in a patch on December 4th, but really there is no reason for it! When ten hairpins weigh a full POUND, there is a serious flaw in the entire weight system of the game. Players find themselves dropping valuable gear in order to be able to walk properly. I actually became over encumbered after picking up a single bobby pin, very unrealistic and frustrating beyond explanation.
  • The leveling system. Oh, the leveling system of Fallout 76! At first, I thought “Cool, I can re-speck my character anytime I want!” Well, kind of. You get these random Perk Cards, and each level you can assign one point to a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attribute (up to 15) and pick a Perk Card for that attribute. You can at any time swap a Perk Card out for a different card that you have unlocked. As of right now you are unable to move S.P.E.C.I.A.L. points, though that is supposed to change in ANOTHER update on December 11th when you will then be able to (at level 50 or higher) move one point per level OR unlock a perk card. A little silly that I can gender swap at any point in the game, but NOT change my skills at any point. Now back to the Perk Cards. You will find yourself putting a card into a skill that you don’t really want to because there aren’t any good alternatives unlocked yet. Sure, you can move the cards later, but if this caused you to add a point to one of your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. skills that you didn’t want it in, you’ll need o wait until December 11th and level 50 to fix it.
  • Bethesda’s complete lack of communication and customer care. This one, while I
    Collector's edition bag
    Collectors edition bag what was advertised and what customer’s got. Image from:

    have not experienced personally, is HUGE! From not addressing concerns over game breaking bugs to screwing over players who purchased the $199 collector’s edition Bethesda has repeatedly dropped the ball with their customer base. This terrible business practice is mind boggling! Bethesda is a really big company, they should definitely know better than this, and yet… Here we are! The false advertisement of the collector’s edition was a mega slap in the face to fans. Bethesda offered players a really nice canvas bag in the $199 package and after several delays players finally received their cheap, nylon trash bag! Bethesda’s response? Well, none at first, they basically said “Oh well!” Then they offered players 500 Atoms (the in-game currency for micro transactions) “WOW, 500!” You say? Well, that is about $5. For a $199 purchase. Like I said, a slap in the face!

So, what do I think of Bethesda’s Fallout 76? Well, I’m still playing it. I have well over 100 hours played and I still find it enjoyable. Like I said, I didn’t personally experience some of the bigger negative aspects of the game, so for me it isn’t as tainted. My biggest issues are with the weight limit and the leveling system, but who knows. Maybe Bethesda can turn things around. Maybe Fallout 76 can be the epic multiplayer RPG we had hoped for. Maybe the moon is made out of cheese. Who knows. Check out Fallout 76 yourself over on Bethesda’s site.

I score this one 67 out of 100.

Here is my first impressions video:

And a live stream replay: