Fade to Silence [PC]

fade logoGame: Fade to Silence
Available Platforms: PC, PS4, X-Box One
Price: $39.99 [USD]
Reviewed on: PC
Genre: Survival, RPG, Horror, Adventure
Players: 1
Developer: Black Forest Games
Release date: Apr 30, 2019

Hello and welcome to Jay’s Game Reviews! Today I am reviewing Black Forest Games‘ Horror RPG Fade to Silence.

fade1Fade to Silence is an interesting horror style role playing game from developer Black Forest Games. The game allows the player to explore a fun world and explore while building a community of NPC’s and fighting an assortment of creatures. The game introduces the player to a harsh and unforgiving world that is full of both danger and treasure around every corner with interesting characters to meet along the way.


  • fade2Good story. The game has an interesting story for the most part. Aside from any type of opening to introduce the player to the world, the story is enough to hold your attention.
  • Pretty game world. The world that the characters live in is well built and while cold and uninviting, still quite beautiful! There is a lot to explore and plenty to do as well, so get out there and explore!
  • Interesting but simple game mechanics. The player uses the left and right mouse buttons to attack and power attack, using these two buttons you can almost perform combo attacks. Combine this with the combat roll in order to quickly evade enemy attacks and you can complete some fun battles.
  • Crafting system. While I have not had the opportunity to fully explore this aspect of the game, from what I have seen, it seems like a simple way to get needed items.


  • fade3Graphics. The graphics of the game feel out dated. The game world looks nice, but the characters and monsters just feel lazy and sub-par. I’ve never been one to care about game graphics, but when there is a cost to the game, the quality of graphics should reflect that.
  • Voice acting. While not terrible, the voice acting feels forced. There is a lack of emotion in the acting that shows through which is very unfortunate as the story seems solid.
  • Lack of direction. The player starts the game being resurrected and kind of thrown into the mix. While this isn’t too bad, when the player dies they are treated to the same cut scene. It feels like the design team forgot to add an opening to the game to introduce players to the world and so they just recycled the respawn scene instead.

On one hand Fade to Silence is fun and entertaining which is what you want in a game; on the other hand the game provides little direction to the player. The price tag would lead you to believe that the graphics and voice acting should be better, but then one remembers that Bethesda has been releasing overpriced crap for years. Overall, I would say that the story and general enjoyment of playing the game far out weigh what it lacks and so the $39.99 price is not too terrible.

Does this weeks game sound fun to you? You can pick up Fade to Silence on Steam today!

I Rate this game 75 out of 100

Check out my first impressions video below:

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